Tenderlove podcast #6 – guest mix

Well well haven’t updated in a while so here goes…

First of all I did a nice little guest mix to techno/house podcast called Tenderlove in March and it came out in start of April. Something *not* DNB from my crates. You can stream it via mixcloud or download 320mp3 or lossless version from tenderlove homepage.

Tenderlove podcast #6 – guest mix by gr by Grdeejay on Mixcloud

February 2013 mixtape – “tuare sektori”


new mixtape up, I’ve been working-working-working-working… TOOO fcking much. All work and no play makes me a dull boy: finally found time to record something new, enjoy I guess 🙂

“Tuare Sektori” mixed by gr
Flame – One of Us [Free tune]
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Household goods (Enei Remix) [White]
Submotion Orchestra – (S.P.Y remix) [Hospital Records]
Marcus Intalex – The Guillotine [Soul:R]
Level 2 – Red Notes [V]
A-Sides – Crystal Clean [Eastside Records]
Artificial Intelligence, Steo – Let It Be (Dj Marky & S.P.Y remix) [V]
Dlr, Octane & Break – Murmur [Dispatch]
Trisector, Infader – Debris [Hustle Audio]
Gerra and Stone – The Room [Free tune]
Future Cut – Obsession (Ulterior Motive remix) [Metalheadz]
Bazil – Dark Impulse [Ingredients]
Jubei, Flowdan – Say Nothing (Rockwell remix) [Metalheadz]
Fierce, Break, Nico – Draw [Quarantine]
Fanu – Slack and Roll [Lightless Digital]
Silent Witness, Survival – Black Storm [Ingredients]
Wickaman, Suddendef – Destruct
Tim Reaper – Blueprint Murder
Rene LaVice – Absolute Monster [RAM]
The Upbeats – Diffused (S.P.Y remix)
The Others – The Way You Make Me (S.P.Y remix)
Unknown Error – War Games (Donny remix)
Mark Knight, Skin – Nothing Matters (Noisia Remix)


New mixtape for summer 2012 – “Free To Choose”

Summer 2012 (c) Jussi Punamäki

Summer 2012, tickets+flights+accommodation booked to Sun&Bass, Tampere city business, new monitors…

endless list of nice things so here it is: Mix for Summer 2012 – Some new, some old, some liquid, some deeper – vinyl only, lets roll!

Afrikan Boy – Excited (Break remix) [White]
Krome & Time – Ganjaman (S.p.y. & Total Science remix) [StreetLife]
Cyantific – Ghettoblaster [Hospital]
Icicle & Commix – Ultra Clean [Shogun Audio]
Mark System – Lovedub [Digital SoundBoy]
S.P.Y. & Kasra – [Critical Music]
Foreign Concept – Mob Justice (Enei remix) [Critical Music]
Friction & K Tee – Set It Off (Icicle remix) [Shogun Audio]
Loxy & Resound – Conscious [Exit Records]
Enei & Mc Drs – Obsession (Foreign Concept remix) [Critical Music]
Jubei & Kasra – The Rift [Critical Music]
Total Science – Feel me [Shogun Audio]
Need for Mirrors – Columbia METHXX]
Flaco – Gonna Take Time [Innerground Records]
MC Kondrad & Makoto – Golden Girl [Good Looking Records]
Spectrasoul ft. Tamara Blessa – Away With Me (Calibre remix)
Gerwin & Nuage – Stolen Hears [Celsius]
Technicolour & Komatic – The Glow [SGN:LTD]
MUTT – Kush Talk [Spearhead]
Alicia Keys – Un Thinkable [bootleg]
Dj Marky & S.P.Y. – Brainstorm [Innerground Records]
Arsenal – Sausade (Dj Marky & S.P.Y. remix)
Rockwell – Constantcomplexrhytmsound [Shogun Audio]
Phace – Freedom of Filth [Critical Music]

Maydaymayday bizniz

When: 30.4.2012
Where: Mbar, Lasipalatsi, Helsinki, Finland
Who: gr, lincs, elysion, trisector, physics… aww yeah
wtf?: infos below… LETS BOOGIE!

Maydaymashup mbar 2012

Once again it’s time for the legendary May Day DnB Mash-up! 15 top notch domestic DJs, Monday 30th of April, from 6pm to 4am, Drum & Bass, Jungle, mbar, terrace, indoors, all styles, good vibes, big bass, mad rave… nuff said!

Check out the timetable below (subject to change):
18:00 – 18:40 JNJ
18:40 – 19:20 Makero
19:20 – 20:00 Lincs
20:00 – 20:40 Jvn
20:40 – 21:20 Fanu
21:20 – 22:00 GR
22:00 – 22:40 Defo
22:40 – 23:20 St. Laurent
23:20 – 24:00 Physics
00:00 – 00:40 Trisector
00:40 – 01:20 Elysion
01:20 – 02:00 Laiska Jaakko
01:30 – 02:00 Defence
02:00 – 02:40 Wispy
02:40 – 03:20 PLBreaks Death Squad

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