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Litku w/ Kaleb (Midnight Sun)

This friday mmmmmmmm partyyyy – long story short: Litku Residents + old friend from Helsinki mr. Kaleb of Midnight Sun Records this friday in Club Volume, Tampere, Finland – oh yeah. Infos follow….

Moved to new server and we’re on a roll…

Okey, moved this blog/page/my personal corner out of my home server and hopefully I can finally ditch that noise maker under my sofa for good! Anyway new parties coming and going here are some of the drum and bass events I’ll be playing in couple of weeks – stay tuned for more ofcourse;). Pe 21.10. […]

Kesälitku: poster, wibes & photos

Our summer party was nice indeed. We had Matic from producing duo Defence as our guest as well as myself, Thug & Nocomply doing our residential party. Check out the mad hot wibes (it was +30 outside when we started at 10pm) from the photos below. All photos are cortesy of Jussi Punamäki KesäLitku photos