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Vappu / Labour day [Update]

On 30th of May I’m playing in Labour Day DNB mashup party III held in Mbar at the city center of Helsinki. Also whole place should be filled up with the DNB-allstars like: Muffler, Laos, Physics, Wispy, Nuance, Burma, Femi… So get your gear on + come and join the fun of some summer liquid […]

remember kids !

Oh my….

Awww, my friend jarkko made me a beautiful haiku poetry to chear me up: 22:54:16 <@knullmaster> tein timo sulle haikun 22:54:19 <@knullmaster> haluukko kuulla? 22:54:23 <@knullmaster> täs: 22:54:24 <@knullmaster> timo netissä 22:54:24 <@knullmaster> ottaa paljon turpiinsa 22:54:24 <@knullmaster> voi voi ressukkaa And here is a gorgeus picture of my friend taken last summer