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Gallery update !

Added 2007 galleries to the gallery. Check gallery if you are intressed one those….

Gallery added

I just added a gallery plugin so I can post all of my party pictures right here and manage them easily via wordpress interface. Gallery

Oh my….

Awww, my friend jarkko made me a beautiful haiku poetry to chear me up: 22:54:16 <@knullmaster> tein timo sulle haikun 22:54:19 <@knullmaster> haluukko kuulla? 22:54:23 <@knullmaster> täs: 22:54:24 <@knullmaster> timo netissä 22:54:24 <@knullmaster> ottaa paljon turpiinsa 22:54:24 <@knullmaster> voi voi ressukkaa And here is a gorgeus picture of my friend taken last summer

Gig coming up !

Yeah, something I’ve been waiting for a looong time: I’m going to play psytrance as a dj in Kuopio saturday 9.2.2008. Party is called VOEMA and takes place in a place called Rupla. My playing slot is 22-23.30 so be there or be a motherfucking square !

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